The SUGCON North America is committed to respecting your privacy. This privacy policy governs our collection and use of personal and business information collected from visitors to our website, through our email and regular mail correspondence, telephone calls, and faxes, and reflects our policies toward privacy in respect to all other means of gathering and disseminating data.

Our policy is to use any and all data collected by any means, whether through the Internet, email, our online database and/or any interactive forms or surveys only for such uses that are important to our user group, in light of the professional standards required and expected from nonprofit organizations.

Your phone number, mail and e-mail addresses are confidential so we never share either type of list with outside parties. SUGCON member lists are accessed only for the purpose of correspondence, event notifications, or other professional communications that help us accomplish a successful user group event. SUGCON will never release private data collected on to any outside parties.

The SUGCON NA 2015 website may collect information about each visitor to our website in these ways:
• through your IP address
• through cookies
• through online forms